ultraSound Assisted Biocatalysis & Bioprocessing

As advisors to Celbius, Green World helped raise the initial £150k seed funding, through the Government’s SEIS funding scheme. This, in conjunction with development grants from the Technology Strategy Board, has helped Celbius to develop three distinct product offerings,
1. Improves the productivity of bioethanol;
2. A naturally derived flavours and fragrance chemical;
3. A naturally derived animal feed additive that enhances growth.

Green World is now helping Celbius to raise further funding to commercialise these products.


Low Carbon Lighting
Energy saving Led lighting

With Green World’s help Low Carbon Lighting (LCL) raised in excess of £200k of seed capital and loans.

This, in conjunction with an equity investment from Northstar Ventures has enabled LLC to develop a range of both industrial and street lighting products.

All of the current LCL products are designed and manufactured in the UK Having broken into the very large street lighting market with their retro-fit product, LLC is now trading profitably and growing strongly.

The company is in the process of raising £1m of growth capital to help them meet the ever increasing demands from this exciting market sector.


Green World
in progress

Green World are currently advising and raising funds for a number of clients in the following areas:

Waste to Energy (Waste Wood) - North of England
Tyre Recycling - North East England
Municipal Waste to Energy/Compost - Perth, Australia
Wave Energy - Scotland